Lambeth LGBT Hate Crime Working Group

Lambeth LGBT+ Community NetworkWelcome to the Lambeth LGBT+ Community Network page.


  • Acting Co-Chairs Kurt / Phillipe.

Terms of Reference

  • In the process of being draft.


  • Lambeth MPS,
  • Lambeth Council
  • Other organisations to be added in due course.

Provisionally Mark (Lambeth Council), Mike (Lambeth MPS), Jason (RVT), Kurt (The Eagle), Phillip (OrangeNation/Fire) and Peter (Metro Centre) have established a working group to set up and establish the Lambeth LGBT Network which will eventually act as the borough’s LGBT Forum.

Social Networking


Lambeth LGBT Network plans to meet on a monthly basis. The following meetings have been proposed;

  • Thu 15th Oct 6pm at the Two Brewers
  • Thu 26th Nov 6pm at the RVT
  • Thu 17th Dec 6pm at the RVT


  1. Introductions
  2. tbc

Other Lambeth LGBT+ Community Network events

  • The Lambeth LGBT+ Community Network aims to hold three public LGBT+ meetings each year (one every four months); February, June and October. The next meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday 17th October 2-6pm at the Two Brewers in Clapham.

2015 10 17 LGBT+ Community Engagement Day


  • Building the network.
  • Social networking and network promotion.
  • Improving key partnerships – Police, Council, Victim Support, other third party independent advice and support services and the communities affected by Biphobic, Homophobic and Transphobic hate crime.
  • Biphobic, Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Crime Data – looking at the statistics, hot spotting, case reviews, risk assessment, prevention, increasing support for those affected by Biphobic, Homophobic and Transphobic hate crime and improving operational response.
  • Mapping communities affected by Biphobic, Homophobic and Transphobic hate crime and resources/services available.
  • Hate crime champions scheme – venue volunteers, hate crime policies and procedures, hate crime resources.
  • Hate crime awareness events


Homophobic hate crime stats are obtained by the London LGBT Advisory Group on behalf of the LGBT community and made available to the public on their resources page here.


  • tbc

Other Key Documents by other organisations

  • tbc