Lambeth Hate Crime Action Plan & Awareness Campaign

The Lambeth Hate Crime Action Plan is based upon the Government’s Hate Crime Action Plan – “Challenge it! Report it! Stop It!” launched in March 2012 and updated in May 2014.

It takes each of the national objectives and looks how these can be implemented locally in Lambeth.

Download the Governments Plans here:

The updated plan incorporates the MOPAC Hate Crime Reduction Strategy which was launched in December 2014.

Download the MOPAC Plan here:

Download the Draft Lambeth Hate Crime Action Plan here:

Each year a report is submitted to the Safer Lambeth Partnership for their approval outlining the key objectives for the year ahead.

Download the agreed SLP Hate Crime Report here:

Lambeth Hate Crime Awareness Campaign

The Lambeth Hate Crime Awareness Campaign is organised into four master objectives;

  1. Prevent hate crime.
  2. Increase reporting  and victim support.
  3. Improve operational response.
  4. Hate crime awareness activities.

Lambeth Hate Crime Projects/Resources

1. Hate crime sector mapping exercise.

2. Lambeth communities affected by hate crime mapping exercise.

3. A-Z Social networking directory – Facebook, Twitter and Websites.

4. Lambeth hate crime volunteer scheme.

5. Lambeth hate crime reporting routes.

6. Lambeth hate crime action plan(s).

7. Pan London hate crime research.

8. Lambeth hate crime forum and working groups.

9. Strategic Goals

Government Hate Crime Action Plan

+ MOPAC Hate Crime Reduction Strategy

+ Other hate crime plans

= Lambeth Hate Crime Action Plan

10. Key Partners

Lambeth Police

Lambeth Council

Victim Support

Third Party Independent Organisations

Communities affected by hate crime

11. Annual Plan

12. Forum

13. Working Groups



Gender Identity


Sexual Orientation

Other communities affected by hate crime

14. Hate crime reporting

15. Hate crime statistics

16. Incident review and risk assessments

17. Prevention strategies

18. Improved operational response

19. Lambeth hate crime resources





Talks and PowerPoint presentations

Hate crime training

Hate crime packs

Hate crime policy


20. Volunteer scheme

Venue hate crime champions

Community hate crime champions

21. Google mapping

22. Reporting sites

23. Lambeth neighbourhoods

North neighbourhood

Central neighbourhood

South neighbourhood

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