Lambeth Hate Crime Communities Mapping

Mark Healey Lambeth’s Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator is mapping communities affected by hate crime, including the sites and services that are available across Lambeth and beyond.

The majority of these Google maps are currently public to view.

Lambeth Hate Crime Sites and Services Map – shows locations of hate crime sites and services;  where people can report hate crime, organisations working on hate crime issues and places where hate crime surgeries and events are held.

Lambeth Ward Boundaries – Shows the boundaries of the 21 Lambeth Wards

Lambeth is divided into three operational areas; Lambeth North, Lambeth Central and Lambeth South. So I have created three operational maps.

Lambeth North

Lambeth Central

Lambeth South

Lambeth Disability Sites and Services Map – developed in partnership with members of the Disability Hate Crime Working Group.

Lambeth Interfaith Map – Is a map overlaying all the other faith maps and including interfaith sites and services.

Lambeth Buddhist Communities MapNO INFO ADDED YET

Lambeth Christian Communities Map – I have a list of 154 churches in Lambeth.

Lambeth Jewish Communities Map – There are two Synagogues in Lambeth.

Lambeth Muslim Communities Map – There are 10 Mosques in Lambeth

Lambeth Sikh Communities MapNO INFO ADDED YET

Apparently there are no Sikh places of worship in Lambeth – where this is the case I will look to see if there are appropriate venues in neighbouring boroughs to signpost.

Lambeth BAME Communities MapNO INFO ADDED YET

Lambeth LGBT Communities Map

Lambeth Schools and Education Facilities Map

PSE Working Group – Clapham Common Map

This is a RESTRICTED map for the use of those in the PSE working group.

Other maps and/or Layers to be created include; Lambeth MPS Sites and Services, Lambeth Libraries Sites and Services, Lambeth Council Sites and Services Map, Lambeth Community Halls and Venues, Lambeth Licensed Premises, Lambeth Housing.

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