Lambeth South

Lambeth Police

South Neighbourhood is managed by Inspector Morag Palmer, covering Gypsy Hill, Knights Hill, Streatham Wells, Thorton, Streatham Hill, Streatham South, St Leonards and Thurlow Park wards and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

Further details of Lambeth Policing and the Safer Neighbourhood Teams here

Lambeth Council

The Area Crime Reduction Manager is Eugenia Anderson supported by Area Crime Reduction Officer Henry Umeh.

Further information about Lambeth Community Safety Services here.

For details of Lambeth’s elected Councillors on the Lambeth Council website click here.

South Neighbourhood Google Map

Google map starts here – further below are ward details links to Lambeth Councillors and other useful local links.

Google Map ends

Thornton Ward

Streatham Hill Ward

Thurlow Park Ward

St Leonards Ward

Streatham Wells Ward

Knight’s Hill Ward

Gipsy Hill Ward

Streatham South Ward

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