Reporting Transphobic/Gender Identity Hate Crime in Lambeth

A transphobic incident is any malicious act aimed at transgender people, organisations or property, where there is evidence that the incident has Transphobic motivation or content, or that the victim was targeted because they are (or are believed to be) transgender.

If you are a victim of an transphobic incident or you have information regarding an transphobic incident that happened to somebody else, you can report via the Metropolitan Police ServiceLambeth Council or two independent organisations Galop and the Gires Transphobic crime Reporting service.

In an emergency always call the Police on 999, in a non-emergency you can report to the Police via 101.

Alternatively in a non-emergency you can report to Lambeth Council using their Lambeth online Hate Crime Reporting Form or via Galop’s on-line reporting form or the Gires on-line reporting form.

Galop is an independent LGBT advice and support organisation which specialises in hate crime issues. They have a dedicated team which deals with hate crime incidents and provide victim support, whilst respecting your confidentiality at all times. Galop can liaise with the Police and other bodies to help ensure that any incident is dealt with properly.

If you do not want to contact the Police or Lambeth Council directly, the Galop can do so on your behalf as an independent “Third Party Reporter”.

Download the 'Self Evident' App to report Hate Crime - Capture, Describe, Report!

Download the ‘Self Evident’ App to report Hate Crime – Capture, Describe, Report!

Download ‘Self Evident’ from ITunes or Google Play for iPhone and most Android Phones.

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