Independent Service Provider: TELL MAMA

The information on this page is provided by TELL MAMA.

Tell MAMA is one of Lambeth Council’s key partners tackling Islamophobic Hate Crime, they provide an independent advice, support and reporting service to the Muslim community.

For information about the Muslim community in Lambeth please have a look at the Islam Reporting and Resource page, located in the Faith Hate Crime Strand section on this -the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog.

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What is Tell MAMA?

Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks is an independent, non-governmental organisation which works to tackle Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred across the United Kingdom. Tell MAMA provides a secure and confidential service for people to report any type of anti-Muslim abuse that they have suffered, and to receive support and advice that they may need to recover. Tell MAMA also works with police forces to help victims and witnesses access justice through the prosecution of perpetrators, and can refer people to partner agencies for further support if the victim desires this.

What is an Anti-Muslim Incident?

TELL MAMA classifies an anti-Muslim incident as any malicious act aimed at Muslims, their material property or Islamic organisations and where there is evidence that the act has anti-Muslim motivation or content, or that the victim was targeted because of their Muslim identity. This also includes incidents where the victim was perceived to be a Muslim.

Who can report to Tell MAMA?

Tell MAMA supports anyone who has suffered an incident as a result of their Muslim faith (or perceived Muslim faith). Tell MAMA also records incidents by Muslims against other Muslims, which may be due to intra-religious issues.

How can I report to Tell MAMA?

There are many ways that you can report an incident to TELL MAMA:

• Phone: 0800 456 1226
• Website: Submit a Report
• Text: 01157 070 007
• Email:
• Facebook: TelllMamaUK
• Twitter: @tellmamauk

Once you have contacted Tell MAMA by one of the above methods, a trained TELL MAMA caseworker will call you to discuss the incident in more detail. This is essential so that the incident can be fully and accurately recorded, and so that Tell MAMA can offer you support. Please note that Tell MAMA reserve the right to make an informed judgement on whether cases reported to them are anti-Muslim in nature, based on the evidence provided to them.

How do Tell MAMA classify incidents?

All reports received by Tell MAMA are classified as involving one or more of the following:

1) Abusive Behaviour – Verbal or written anti-Muslim abuse. This can occur either Online or Offline.

2) Threats – Any clear and specific threat, whether physical, verbal or written. This can occur either Online or Offline.

3) Assault – Any physical attack against a person which does not pose a threat to their life and is not Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH). This includes objects being thrown at someone, even if the object misses.

4) Extreme Violence – Any violent attack on a person or property that has the potential to cause the loss of life or Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).

5) Damage and Desecration of Property – This includes anti-Muslim graffiti left on property or damage to vehicles motivated by anti-Muslim hatred.

6) Anti-Muslim Literature – Mass produced and mass mailed literature with anti-Muslim content. This can occur either Online or Offline.

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