Independent Service Provider: DASL

The information on this page is provided by DASL

DASL is a Disabled People’s Organisation which works with disabled people, including those with mental health support needs, older people and carers, mainly in the London Borough of Lambeth.

It also focuses on providing help to deal with hate crime. If you have a disability and have been affected by a hate crime or hate incident of any kind and would like to speak to someone about it, you can contact the Lambeth Disability Hate Crime Reporting Centre based at DASL.

There you will be offered a safe place to talk about what has happened and receive free confidential individual support, advice and information about what you can do. The advocacy worker can assist you to report the incident to the police if you wish and be by your side throughout the whole process to help you get the best outcomes possible.

DASL’s advocacy worker can also act on your behalf to help you get practical support surrounding your safety and wellbeing by putting you in touch with other partner agencies and organisations.  For more information and contact details see details below: