Lambeth Police

Brixton Police Station, 367 Brixton Road, Brixton SW9 7DD

Brixton Police Station, 367 Brixton Road, Brixton SW9 7DD

In an emergency always contact the Police using 999 as they are best placed to respond. If it is not an emergency use 101.

Further information available online at

On this page you will find information about Lambeth Metropolitan Police Service including their police stations and contact points, contact details for the 21 ward Safer Neighbourhood Teams, details about the lesbian, bisexual, gay and trans+ Liaison Officers, and the Lambeth MPS Licensing and Nighttime Economy Team.

Whilst tackling hate crime in Lambeth the Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator works closely with the Partnerships team lead by Jack Rowlands and the Brixton Community Safety Unit lead by Detective Inspector Domemica Catino. He also works closely with the Safer Neighbourhood Team officers, the LGBT Liaison Officers and the Licensing Team Officers.

There is a google map of Lambeth MPS Sites and Services at the bottom of this page – however it is not currently readable by the readers used by people with visual impairments.

If you need to speak to someone about Lambeth Policing then please contact 101. More information about the Metropolitan Police Service is available on their website here.

Detailed information pages about Lambeth MPS are available here.

Lambeth Police Officers, Police Stations and contact points

Lambeth Borough Commander

  • Detective Chief Superitendent Richard Wood

Senior Leadership Team

  • Borough Commander – Chief Superintendent Richard Wood
  • Operations & Paternship Superindendent – Neil Patton
  • CID Detective Superintendent – Sean Oxley
  • Chief Inspecter Neighbourhood Policing & Business Engagement – Roy Smith
  • Chief Inspector Emegency Response & Custody – Tony Hirst
  • Inspector Strategic Partnerships – Jack Rowlands
  • Acting Detective Chief Inspector Public Protection – Will White
  • Detective Chief Inspector Intelligence – Jim Redmond

Lambeth MPS Brixton Community Safety Unit

  • Detective Inspector Domenica Catino
  • DC Lou Jones CID Hate Crime Single Point of Contact

Lambeth MPS Paternships Team

  • Inspector Jack Rowlands
  • PC Lance Edmondson Lambeth Community Liaison Officer

Lambeth MPS Safer Schools Team

  • Sergeant Graham Norman

See Lambeth places of Education and PSHE providers page here for more details.

Lambeth Neighbourhoods

The borough is divided into three Neighbourhood areas; North, Central and South.

North Neighbourhood is managed by Inspector Lance lamnea, covering Princes, Bishops, Oval, Stockwell,Larkhall and Vassal wards and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

Central Neighbourhood is managed by Inspector Daniel Rutland, covering Brixton Hill, Clapham Common, Clapham Town, Coldharbour, Herne Hill, Ferndale and Tulse Hill wards and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

South Neighbourhood is managed by Inspector Morag Palmer, covering Gypsy Hill, Knights Hill, Streatham Wells, Thorton, Streatham Hill, Streatham South, St Leonards and Thurlow Park wards and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

Lambeth Police Stations and Contact Points

The two police stations in Lambeth are Brixton Police Station and Kennington Police Station, there are five other police contact points across the borough including Cavendish Road, Gipsy Hill, Loughborough Junction, Wetsminster Bridge and Streatham.

Brixton Police Station

Kennington Police Station

 Cavendish Road Sub Police Station

Gipsy Hill Sub Police Station

Loughborough Junction Sub Police Office

Westminster Bridge

Streatham Neighbourhood Police Base

Lambeth Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams

Bishop’s Ward

Princes Ward

Oval Ward

Stockwell Ward

Vassall Ward

Larkhall Ward

Tulse Hill Ward

Brixton Hill Ward

Coldharbour Ward

Streatham Hill Ward

Streatham Wells

St Leonards Ward

Streatham South Ward

Clapham Common Ward

Ferndale Ward

Clapham Town Ward

Thornton Ward

Herne Hill Ward

Knight’s Hill Ward

Thurlow Park Ward

Gipsy Hill Ward

Lambeth MPS Licensing and Night Time Economy

  • Telephone 0208 649 2089
  • Email
  • Address Brixton Police Station, 367 Brixton Road, Brixton, SW9 7DD

Lambeth MPS LGBT Liaison Officers

We are in the process of developing a team of police LGBT Liaison Officers, each of whom have been assigned to an LGBT venue in the borough to liaise with as follows;

  • Bishops – Pleasure Dome – PS Jim Southgate
  • Bishops – Chariots – SE1 – PC Ashley Hargreaves-Smith
  • Oval – Hoist – PS Jim Southgate
  • Oval – Fire – PC Andy Sparkes
  • Princes – Club 65 – PC Hannah Eldridge
  • Princes – Eagle – PC Sam Will
  • Princes – RVT – PC Soren Dymond
  • Princes – Chariots – SW8 – PC Matt Tucker
  • Princes – Locker Room – PC Ashley Hargreaves-Smith

More information about LGBT venues and services available in Lambeth can be found in the Hate Crime Strand sections of this blog; Lesbian page here; Gay Men’s page here, Bisexual page here and Transgender page here.

Vauxhall Dedicated Ward Officers

  • Funded by VauxhallOne/Mayor’s Office Policing and Crime MOPAC
  • PC Paul Robinson & PC Marnie Watts
  • Contact via Kennington Police Station, contact details above.

Lambeth MPS Sites and Services Map

Below is a google map of Lambeth showing the 21 wards along with key police buildings, sites and services.

Google map section ends

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