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Thank you for viewing the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog which was set up in May 2014 to help tackle hate crime in Lambeth and promote a Lambeth-wide Hate Crime Awareness Campaign.

This blog was managed by Mark Healey, Lambeth’s Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator, until 31 March 2016. His post was deleted as part of the restructuring of the Community Safety Service.

This blog will no longer be monitored or maintained. It is being kept as a community resource. Please check the final post here for contact details and advice about reporting hate crime in Lambeth.

We attempted to make this site as accesible as possible – especially to those with sensory impairments – hence having this contact us page, making sure information is available if you type in “deaf” or “blind” into the search boxes, and providing links to the sub pages from the main pages (because current screen reader software does not always detect the sub pages that sighted users would access by hovering a mouse over them).

We were aware that some people don’t have access to the internet which is why we  trained over one hundred people (including Library Staff, Police Officers and our own Hate Crime Champions) how to access the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog so that they provide assistance.

Mark toured Lambeth Libraries with the Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Stall three times a year (February, June and October) to promote hate crime awareness and encourage people to access the blog. Between May 2014 to March 2016 the blog has been accessed over 40,000 times with over 28,000 unique viewers.

What is Hate Crime?

A hate crime is defined as any criminal offence which is perceived , by the victim or any other person, top be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a personal characteristic – specifically actual or perceived; Disability, Gender Identity, Faith, Race and Sexual Orientation.

We also take into consideration the protected characteristics listed in the Equalities Act 2010; age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex (gender), and sexual orientation.

And factor in other forms of hate crime including hate crime directed at Alternative Sub-Cultures (which was first highlighted by Sophie Lancaster case).

What should I do if I need to report hate crime?

We promote three routes to report hate crime. One the police, two the council and three the independent third party hate crime advice and support services that are available and listed on this blog.

(1) In the first instance, especially in an emergency we advise you to contact the police 999 as they are best placed to response to emergency situations. If it is not an emergency contact the police 101.

(2) If it is not an emergency and if you don’t want to report to the police then report to the  Council. We have an on-line hate crime reporting line Alternatively you can contact the council’s Community Safety Service.

(3) If you don’t want to speak to the police or the council then you can contact any of the third party independent services as listed on this blog.

To help promote hate crime reporting in Lambeth we circulated over 28,000 Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Cards and distributed Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Posters.

What is the Lambeth Hate Crime Awarenes Campaign?

The Lambeth Hate Crime Awareness Campaign aimed to promote Lambeth Council’s Hate Crime Action Plan.

  1. To prevent hate crime where possible.
  2. To encourage reporting and victim access to support.
  3. To improve our operational response to hate crime when it happens.
  4. To raise awareness by organising hate crime events and activities.

Between September 2013 to March 2016 Lambeth Council employ a full time Hate Crime Prevention Co-ordinator Mark Healey who was based within the Community Safety Service. He worked to implement the Lambeth Hate Crime Action Plan across Lambeth with other council departments, Lambeth Metropolitan Police Service, Victim Support Lambeth, third party independent hate crime advice and support services, along with various communities affected by hate crime including community groups and individuals.

Mark also maintained links with regional, national and international organisations, groups and individuals tackling hate crime.

He developed resources to promote the campaign including; Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Cards, Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Posters, Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Stall, Lambeth Hate Crime Blog, Lambeth Hate Crime Sites and Services Map.

See the Projects/Resources section for more details.

What is the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog?

The Lambeth Hate Crime Blog is an internet site that Mark  set up using WordPress. It enabled the sharing of information in an open, transparent accessible manner.

Graphic Lambeth Hate Crime Blog Title Bar

Graphic showing the original Lambeth Hate Crime Blog Header and Title Bar

The blog was divided into four parts as follows;

1) The Home page was our main news page where we shared information about hate crime along with community news and views from the communities affected by hate crime that we worked with.

2) The About section includes this contact us page, as well as information about our key hate crime partners. Here you will find useful information about the Lambeth Hate Crime Prevention Co-ordinator, Lambeth Council, Lambeth Metropolitan Police Service, Victim Support Lambeth (who are our generic independent hate crime advice and support provider) as well as a list of other specialist independent third party hate crime advice and support providers.

3) The Hate Crime Strands section provides targeted information for each of the communities affected by hate crime and is divided into six areas; Disability, Faith, Gender Identity, Race, Sexual Orientation and other hate crimes.

There is a main page for each strand which has the council’s basic advice and contact information for that specific strand. Then there are more detailed sub pages below which provide more detailed information including; community venues, community news outlets and other useful links.

For example under the Faith section there are specific pages for different religions; Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Interfaith groups. These can be accessed via links on the main hate crime strand pages.

4) The Projects/Resources section details information about our current projects and resources. These include; A-Z Directory, Downloads, Lambeth Hate Crime Action Plan, Lambeth Hate Crime Champions Volunteer Scheme, Lambeth Hate Crime Events Calendar, Lambeth Hate Crime Forum and Working Groups, Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Cards, Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Stall, Lambeth Hate Crime Sites and Services Map (and other google maps), Pan London Research Project, Social networking guide and disclaimer.

Please note that screen readers are currently unable to read the information provided on google maps – if you have a sensory impairment and need further assistance please contact the Community Safety Service at Lambeth Council.

Down the right hand side of the blog there are the following additional widgets.

  • Search box
  • Meta Section – includes Site Admin, Log in/out, Entries RSS, Comments RSS and a link to
  • @lambethhcc
  • Catergories Section – outline catergories on the site
  • Countdown widgets including countdowns for; National Hate Crime Awareness Week in October, the Lambeth Hate Crime Forum and five hate crime working parties.
  • Recent posts
  • Recent comments
  • Archives – organised by month articles were posted.

How could people get involved in the campaign?

People were invited to hate crime awareness events as listed in the hate crime events section under projects/resources.

There was a hate crime mailing list and an occasional hate crime newsletter using Mailchimp.

We had a hate crime champions volunteering scheme.

You could also follow the progress of the campaign via twitter profile (click this link) @lambethhcc and our facebook page (click this link) Lambeth Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator.


Thanks again for reading this page – please feel welcome to get in touch with any thoughts and suggestions.

Six Links follow to our about pages providing information on our key partners and back to the contact us page;

  1. Lambeth Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator
  2. Lambeth Metropolitan Police Service
  3. Lambeth Council
  4. Victim Support Lambeth
  5. Other Third Party Independent Services
  6. Back to this Contact Us page

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