Sustainable Travel in Lambeth

Sustainable Travel in Lambeth

This morning I had an exciting meeting with Suzy Harrison and Leena Khatri from the Sustainable Travel team at Lambeth Council. They are interested in working with communities affected by hate crime in the borough and we agreed that it would be an excellent idea to promote their work through the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog.

Here are some of cycling schemes that I learnt about today;

Cycle Training in Lambeth

Lambeth Council is number 1 for cycle training delivery across London and we still have room to train more people. Our cycle training provider Cycle Confident will tailor the training to your ability so if you are a complete beginner they will meet you at your nearest park and go through the very basics, making sure you are up and riding in the first lesson. If you are a regular cyclist but would like some advanced riding skills such as tackling multi-lane traffic along with route guidance then the expert rider will be able to take you through give you this knowledge. The one-to-one training covers every ability in between If you would prefer to learn in a group we offer group training sessions on Clapham Common where you can make some like minded friends. You can check out all the offers from Cycle Confident on their website.

Try Before You Bike scheme

Don’t forget if you don’t have a bike but would like to try one out then you can sign up to Try Before You Bike and borrow a bike for 4 weeks. We will sign you up for some training in your first couple of weeks so that you start off with good habits and offer you lots of support along the way. There are pick up points at the north of the borough and the south, so this is a really great way to see how a bike can fit into your lifestyle.

You are already aware that cycling is good for your health both physically and mentally, helps improve air pollution and saves you time and money in the process. So what are you waiting for?

Doctor Bike events

Lambeth’s professional bike mechanics set up stations around Lambeth offering free cycle maintenance checks and advice. You can find out where Dr Bike events are taking place on the Lambeth Council website here.

Ideas for cycling events in Lambeth 2016+

The sustainable travel team are keen to work with communities affected by hate crime in Lambeth, a couple of ideas mentioned include organising an LGBT History Month Bike Ride next year, and possibly an Inter faith Bike Ride later this year. We talked about the range of community events that take place throughout the year and how sustainable travel could possibly tie in with these events. We might even be able to organise these as fundraising events to help generate some funds to support some of the hate crime work that is being done by organisations and community groups in the borough.

At the end of the meeting it was agreed that Suzy and Leena will be getting in touch with some of the organisations and community groups already promoted by the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog to see how we can all work together. Sounds like the beginning of some great ideas and opportunities in Lambeth!

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