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Last Wednesday Lambeth Council held a special meeting to bring together the various organisations tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in our schools.

The purpose of the meeting organised by Judith Hare (Education Improvement Adviser), Shilpa Odedra (PSHE & Healthy Schools Consultant) and Mark Healey (Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator) was to bring the organisations together, to have a round table discussion about the work that is already being done in Lambeth Schools, identify gaps in provision, to share best practice and look at how we can work together more effectively in the borough.

Gendered Intellingence was one of the organisations present. Here is a piece about the work they are doing.

Gi Gender Intelligence Logo

Gendered Intelligence offers a range of services aimed at enabling a whole educational community to become more trans-inclusive as well as celebrate gender diversity more generally. These include: training and presentations for staff; professional consultancy on specific issues; class sized workshops and school assemblies for students; mentoring for young trans people as well as offering useful resources and signposting. In addition we deliver group sessions for young trans people and parents and carers of young trans and gender questioning people. All our services can be mixed and matched to suit your specific needs and circumstances, or bespoked as required. This way you can choose as little or as much as you feel that is right for you and your institute or organisation.

Training and professional development for staff

We can offer a range of sessions from 1 hour to two days. As with all our services, our training is flexible and if our standard options aren’t quite what you want, we can tailor sessions to suit, usually at no additional cost. We aim to make our exercises and scenarios relevant to the specific setting, so if there are particular issues the institute wants to cover. In our standard three hour session we:

  • Set the wider context for trans identities – how sex, gender and sexual orientation interact
  • Explore key terms and uses of language
  • Offer insight into the legislation around the rights and responsibilities around trans identities; the Equalities Act 2010
  • Begin to explore how a school/college can ensure it is being trans-inclusive
  • Provide links to a wide range of resources

If you would like some staff training, but the above is not what you’re looking for, or if you need something in addition for the wider staff body (for example a 1 hour presentation), then we have a 1 hour ‘Introduction to Trans Basics’ option.  This is more presentational and sits well in the context of an INSET day or similar.  We can deliver this to 100+ people.

Professional consultancy

Consultation hours provide you with 1:1 support in person, by phone or by email and are a great way to problem solve any issues you may be having in your organisation.

1:1 support may be useful to:

  • Manage the period when students, clients and/or staff transition
  • Tackle problems that arise with students, clients and/or staff
  • Improve monitoring and reporting through adoption and adaption of monitoring forms and other practical processes

As current equality legislation requires that trans people are treated fairly in society, many organisations are keen to implement a transgender equality policy or scheme. Our experience and expertise in writing equality schemes and policies, employment guidance based on gender identity mean we can offer you expert support in this area, ensuring that trans people are included in your organisation as service users, employees or students.

Class sized workshops and school assemblies for students

We run a range of tailored workshops for school, college and University students. In schools, these can sit within a PSHE class or drop down ‘enrichment’ or ‘diversity’ days but we can also cover a range of other curriculum areas. Our educational workshops explore themes of diverse gender expression in age-appropriate ways. The workshops are tiered to different age groups and address the following objectives:

  • Recognising difference and diversity
  • Respecting difference
  • Assertively challenging prejudice and discrimination
  • Encouraging pupils to discuss relationships and feelings

We also deliver school assemblies, which are 15-20 minute presentations. These offer good value for money as it is a way to reach a large cohort of students sending broad messages around school ethos and understandings around equality.

Mentoring for young trans people

The mentoring scheme offers an opportunity for us to provide one to one support to a young trans or gender questioning person in their educational setting. All our mentors are trans identified and have professional skills in working with young people. The scheme allows us to explore feelings and needs around a young person’s gender identity. The aim is to consider practical aspects to retain and support each young person in their learning setting and aims to ensure they reach their full potential. The service is flexible and looks to consider the specific circumstances of the young person.

A bit about Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence is a not-for-profit company established in 2008. Our mission is to increase understandings of gender diversity using creative ways. Working predominantly with the trans community and those who impact on trans lives, we have built a reputation as an organisation which delivers exceptional results through innovative, well-managed, well-delivered services at extraordinarily high value for money.

The Team

Gendered Intelligence consists of a team of skilled trainers, facilitators and qualified teachers. Some of the team hold doctorates in the areas of transgender studies. We have proficient knowledge in the field of equalities legislation, good practice when working with trans people and how an organisation can be trans inclusive. We have a working and in-depth knowledge of the wider trans community and of the young trans community in particularly. Many members of our team also have a lived experience of being trans. Through our partnership work we have demonstrated an ability to think innovatively, to adapt to the particular circumstances and cultures and to work flexibly.

Other activities at Gendered Intelligence

We deliver trans awareness training, consultation and professional development to organisations from the public, private and third sector.

We also hold regular activities for young trans people in the London, Bristol and Leeds area. We support parents and carers of young trans and gender questioning people on line and through group activities.

Testimony from our educational work

I liked the openness and the willingness to discuss and answer complicated and uncomfortable questions.”  Student, Year 10

The workshop really helped clear things up about terms and stereotypes.”  Student, Year 11

“Gendered Intelligence worked with us to deliver staff training and workshops with our Key Stage 2 pupils. The work led us to revise a range of policies, including equal opportunities, anti-bullying and equality and diversity. It also led us to revise our PSHE curriculum to incorporate sexual orientation and gender identity… An example of work that GI did was with Year 5 and 6 children about gender. The work was centred around photography and images and its aim was to challenge the children’s thinking about gender… during the sessions the issue of transgender came up naturally with the children and both the class teacher and Jay Stewart made the decision to talk about Jay’s own experiences. This was the right decision. It led to an outstanding piece of work and the transformation of views of some pupils and some parents. Jay’s work was brave but essential. Gendered Intelligence offers a very special and unique service to schools and the young people we work with.” Jo Warner, Headteacher, Westerhope Primary School

“Gendered Intelligence delivered a session on trans and gender identity awareness to a group of senior staff and those who work closely with a transgender student. Hereford Sixth form College have also benefited from Gendered Intelligence’s work through one-to-one mentoring which was offered to a transgender student…. The mentoring programme gave the student the opportunity to discuss transgender issued with a specialist in this area and helped the student develop strategies and goals when dealing with these issues. This ultimately had a positive impact on his life both in and out of college. GI liaised with a senior member of staff providing appropriate feedback regarding college life in order for staff to fully support the student within college. GI is different from other organisations as it provides detailed insights into the experiences of the needs of young transgender people. GI is also excellent as it tailors the sessions according the individual needs of the young people they are working with…. Working with GI has meant that the transgender student has continued to engage in college life and complete a course of study. The student was really struggling with college life when the mentoring was first put in place.” Kirsty Yeoman, Director of Studies, Hereford Sixth Form College

“I definitely feel more confident after mentoring. For me I really didn’t know so well how to talk about gender identity with other people, it was all a bit too awkward so I avoided it. It helps so much to be able to have open conversations about something so important and I feel much freer and much closer to friends and family because of it. The mentoring scheme at GI was really my only source of actual practical help with stuff like how to deal with relationships with others. When you first come to terms with being trans it is definitely a daunting prospect and it feels like a million things are flying at you at once, so it really helped to have support with specific challenges I faced individually.

I suppose with my own personal identity support from GI has made me feel more secure. Before I might have thought that being trans is something to keep to myself but now I feel much more comfortable knowing that someone else knows who I am rather than not. Also, I notice how it’s now easier to accept my own identity as much as others do. If I know everyone’s fine with me for who I am it makes my identity less of a weight on my shoulders and just another thing about me which makes me who I am.” Trans student

For further information about Gendered Intelligence contact

  • website:
  • e mail:
  • telephone: 0207 832 5848
  • address: VAI, 200a Pentonville Road, London N1 9JP

Other organisations tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and harrassment in schools include;

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning Youth Provision in Lambeth

METRO Charity is a leading equality & diversity charity, providing health, community & youth services across London & the South East.
In Lambeth, METRO are funded by the Young Lambeth Cooperative to provide free and confidential services for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and those questioning their sexuality or gender) young people.

This includes

– A weekly youth group for LGBTQ young people aged 13 – 19. This provides a safe space for young people to come together and take part in range of workshops and activities. It runs as a ‘closed group’ so members meet first with a youth worker before joining. Young people can self-refer or be referred to the group.

– Free workshops for Year 9 students in Lambeth schools which aim to increase awareness of sexuality and gender identity, explore stereotypes and challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

– Free training sessions for staff working in Lambeth secondary schools. These sessions aim to increase awareness of the needs of LGBTQ young people and increase confidence to challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia to provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all.

Both staff and student workshops can be tailored to best meet the needs in individual schools.

For more information and to make referrals please contact;

  • Sarah Rowlinson,
  • Southwark and Lambeth LGBTQ Youth Coordinator
  • / 020 8305 5004 ext. 129.

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