Transforming Vauxhall Cross Consulation


Proposals are being made to transform the area around Vauxhall Bus Station.

The scheme would return the one-way traffic system around the transport interchange at Vauxhall Cross to two-way roads. This would:

  • make it safer and less intimidating for people walking or cycling – the Vauxhall gyratory has some of the highest number of collisions involving injury to pedestrians and cyclists
  • improve connections throughout the area – to parks and open spaces, and to the river
  • create a more pleasant and welcoming place for people living, working or travelling through Vauxhall.

There would be:

A brand new bus station with better facilities and all the bus stops continuing to be grouped by destination

  • 8 new signalised pedestrian crossings at convenient locations
  • Better joined-up cycle routes across the area, better crossings and cycle parking
  • A new pedestrianised public square outside the station
  • Net reduction overall in bus journey times – and do look at the proposals for the detail of impacts on all the routes

Public Drop in sessions

  •  Saturday, 5 December 11 am -4 pm, Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre
  • Tuesday 8 December 6-8pm, St. Peter’s Church
  • Monday 14 December 11am-4pm, Carmelita Centre

Public Consultation on Transport for London website

The full proposals can be viewed here.

The questionnaire is very short and can be completed here.

Council’s Love Vauxhall website

You can find out more about what’s happening in Vauxhall by signing up to the council’s website here


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