Palgrave Hate Studies

This series builds on recent developments in the broad and interdisciplinary field of hate studies. Palgrave Hate Studies aims to bring together in one series the very best scholars who are conducting hate studies research around the world. Reflecting the range and depth of research and scholarship in this burgeoning area, the series welcomes contributions from established hate studies researchers who have helped to shape the field, as well as new scholars who are building on this tradition and breaking new ground within and outside the existing canon of hate studies research.

We welcome proposals for monographs, edited collections and Palgrave Pivots on a range of topics, including:

  • Community responses to hate
  • Cyber hate
  • Extreme and ‘everyday’ forms of hate
  • Hate crime policy and legislation
  • Hate offenders
  • International perspectives on hate
  • Media and political discourses around hate
  • Organised hate groups
  • Researching hate
  • The impact of hate upon individuals, families and wider communities
  • The policing and punishment of hate, including alternative forms of intervention
  • Victims of hate

Existing titles include:

  • The Dynamics of a Terrorist Targeting Process (9781137579966), by Cato Hemmingby and Tore Bjørgo, published October 2015
  • Islamophobia, Victimisation and the Veil (9781137356147), by Irene Zempi and Neil Chakraborti, published July 2014
  • Administrating Victimization, (9781137409263), by Marian Duggan and Vicky Heap, published June 2014

More information on the series can be found here:

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact Senior Commissioning Editor for Criminology, Julia Willan:


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