Free training available to tackle prejudiced based bullying in schools

Challenge prejudice-based bullying in schools and promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality.

Brook and Diversity Role Models are one of eight organisations selected nationally by Government Equalities Office and the Department of Education to deliver FREE training to schools.

In order to tackle Homophbic, Biphobic and Transphobic HBT bullying it’s more important than ever to ensure staff are properly trained. This training will equip teachers to feel more confident providing affirmative and accurate representations of gay, bisexual and transgender lives in their classroom.

The training consists of two elements

Core online training: designed to be completed by all staff, in order to increase whole-school knowledge of HBT bullying and strategies for tackling it. The training consists of three 20 minute modules, covering key points outlined below.

• What is HBT bullying?
• Who does it affect?
• Why is it important to tackle?
• Key strategies for responding to HBT language.

Face-to-face specialist training: designed to supplement the online training, by training key staff, including a senior leader, to become HBT specialists. The training lasts around 5 hours and can be completed as a full-day course (inset) or two twilight sessions, or alternatively can be delivered in school clusters. Course content:

• School policy – writing and implementation;
• Curriculum planning;
• Transgender issues and gender stereotyping;
• Supporting pupils and working with parents

For further information and to book a training session contact:

Alison Robert

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