17th April 2015 Brixton Remembers 17-24-30 16th Anniversary of Brixton Bomb


The new Mayor of Lambeth Donatus Anyanwu carried out his first public engagement in Brixton Market today.

He joined Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator Mark Healey and members of the 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign to mark the 16th anniversary of David Copeland’s nail bomb attack on Brixton Market.

During the short act of remembrance the Mayor of Lambeth chatted to local residents and passers-by about the bombing, which was the first of a series of three bombs targeted against the Black, Asian and Gay communities of Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho.

A moment of silence was held to remember those injured and affected by the bombing attacks, including the three people who died during the Soho bombing; Nick Moore, John Light and Andrea Dykes who was pregnant at the time.

Mark handed out leaflets about the 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign which encourages members of the Black, Asian and Gay communities work together to tackle all forms of hate crime in London.

“No one should live in fear of hate crime. If people are being subjected to racism and homophobia on the streets of Lambeth then we want to know about it so we can work with the police to challenge and stop it.”

Over 250 Lambeth Hate Crime Cards were distributed in the space of an hour, advising people how to report hate crime to Lambeth Council using the coucil on-line  Hate Crime Reporting Form. Click here to report hate crime to the council.

“Our advice to those experiencing hate crime is speak to the police 999/101, but if you don’t want to speak to the police then speak to us at Lambeth Council, we are here to help but if you don’t want to speak us then there are independent advice and support services listed on the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog. Whatever you do – make sure you report what is happening so we can do something about it”

Click here to access the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog.


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