Save the date; 25 Feb How was it for you? Coming out stories

Wednesday 25th February at Brixton Library. LGBT History Month Event.

Doors opening at 6.30pm, Event from 7pm – 9pm

We are inviting women from all generations for an open discussion about female sexuality, specifically about the experience of ‘coming out’ as a gay or bisexual woman.

Share your coming out story, how different was it before the Internet? Do you miss community noticeboards and picking up the Pink Paper from your local library and scanning the personals?!  How has the internet helped you?

7pm – 7.45 pm: Short film & Short Play

Princess and Princess: short play, written by Amie Taylor, directed by Stella Duffy and performed by Amie Taylor and Mary Price O’Connor.

“Sometimes I pretend I’m a princess in this city.  Lost. I’m looking for another princess, but they’re hard to come by.  Or at least, I think they are.  I haven’t come across many in this city.  Doesn’t feel like I have.  Maybe I’m the only one.”

In a scaling city, it’s easy to lose oneself in the folds of the river, or the shadows of the buildings – you can walk in time with a stranger and no one will notice any difference between you at all.   In this city there is a princess, searching for another princess – but there are numerous hurdles and dangerous challenges to face if she wants her heart’s desire.  An urban coming-of-age fairytale, the unearthing of oneself and ones true feelings as this princess searches for her first true love.


8pm – discussion with invited speakers

8.40 – drinks & networking

9pm – Close


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