Disability Hate Crime Working Group #LDHCAWG – Update 14/01/15

WG - DisabilityThe Disability Hate Crime Working Group #LDHCWG met at We Are 336 again today (14/01/2015). The meeting was chaired by David Strong (Disability Advice Service Lambeth) and attended by Mark Healey (Lambeth Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator), Jenny Ruales (Victim Support Lambeth), Sean McGovern (Disability Lambeth),  Cathi Blake (Age UK Lambeth), Roger Lewis , Jane Abraham, PC Zenobia Cowan-Davies (Lambeth MPS Partnerships Team) and PC Errol Patterson (Afro Carribean Officer)

Apologies received from Patrick Nyikavaranda (Certitude), Richard Farnos (Age UK Lambeth), Laura VanBemmel (Mencap), and Catherine Pearson (Healthwatch Lambeth).

Please note these are notes from the meeting made by Mark Healey Lambeth’s Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator, Draft minutes from the meeting will be circulated by David Strong and signed off on the 11th February 2015. Note updates from this meeting highlighted in blue Italics!

The meeting discussed the following;

1. Disability Hate Crime Workshop Report (15/10/2014)deadline for amendments and corrections has passed 17/12/14. David Strong to circulate during January – with copies to be forwarded to Lambeth Councillors.

2. Development of the Working Group. The group works in partnership with the Lambeth Hate Crime Forum – discussing disability hate crime stats, incidents and issues arising in more detail and feeding back to the quarterly forum meetings. We are currently looking at who to invite to the working group and how to involve and support people with disabilities who wish to attend. On-going discussions on who and how to involve people – particularly those with access requirements.

3. National / London Policy issues. The group aims to collate hate crime information and resources to share within the group. Sharing information and best practice as well as feeding into any consultation processes. Ongoing discussion. A glossary of termonology is to be developed. Mark is to produce a briefing on the 29 objectives laid out in the MOPAC Hate Crime Reduction Plan – including how they can be adopted within Lambeth if appropriate. Two key objectives were noted (1) MPS plan to tag all crimes involving people with disabilities with the Disability Hate Crime Flag to ensure more cases are picked up, the MPS will then eliminate non-hate crime cases and remove the flag where appropriate. (2) The CPS Hate Crime pack is to be rolled out to all schools – opportunity to link with Jehan Chaudhri (Lambeth PSHE Healthy Schools Consultant) and the PSHE Providers forum – as well as Police Schools Officers to ensure adequate information and training about Disbaility Hate Crime is included and rolled out. Highlight opportunities for people with disabilities to be included in training.

4. Data. The group will be looking at the statistics, incidents, anonymised case studies and issues raised to identify hotspots and see how further disability hate crime incidents can be prevented. After previous difficulties obtaining hate crime data the “MOPAC PD735 – Weekly Hate Crime Report” is now available. Mark will collate information and share with partners. Jenny shared information about the Victims Support Crime Drop in service at We Are336. Roger Lewis mentioned that work needs to be done to reach and include members of the deaf community.

5. Mapping/Services. The group will map out reporting/support services available in Lambeth, ‘client journey’, referral routes. On-going piece of work. Discussion about mapping beyond Lambeth – what is happening across London and the UK? How can we source and share best practice?

6. Development of a third party reporting centre at ‘We Are 336′. Looking at what has been done elsewhere and what we can learn from other third party reporting centres. What we need to do to engage relevant organisations at We Are 336 and standardising the reporting process so it is simple and straightforward for everyone involved. Discussion about MOPAC Victims Funding application to be submitted by 5pm 26th January. David Stong DASL will lead on the application. Ideas for one year plan discussed – to be finalised within the next week before submission to MOPAC. Initial ideas include; a development worker role, a volunteer scheme, provision of training, publicity/promotion costs, monthly meeting costs – events during National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2015 #HCAW15 and other key events. All working towards the establishment of the 3rd Party Reporting Centre at We Are 336.

7. Publicity and Promotion. Looking at how we are going to promote the work of the group, the development of the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog, redesign of council leaflets and tying in with activities in the community. Mark confirmed that the Hate Crime Report had been signed off and a small budget for his work agreed.

8. Training. Developing a local training package to raise awareness of and address disbaility hate crime. Identifying resources and funding required.

9. Dates of next meetings; 11th February 2015, 11th March 2015. Mark will add dates to the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog under the Hate Crime Awareness Events Calendar under the Projects/Resources section.

If you would like to join the Disability Hate Crime Working Group please contact either David Strong (Disability Advice Service Lambeth DASL) or Mark Healey (Lambeth Hate Crime Prevention Cooridinator)

If you would like to join the Lambeth Council Disability Hate Crime Mailing List then please contact Mark Healey

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