Lambeth: LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month Logo 2015The overall aim of LGBT History month each February is to promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public.

This is done by:

  • Increasing the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (“LGBT”) people, their history, lives and their experiences in the curriculum and culture of educational and other institutions, and the wider community;
  • Raising awareness and advancing education on matters affecting the LGBT community;
  • Working to make educational and other institutions safe spaces for all LGBT communities; and
  • Promoting the welfare of LGBT people, by ensuring that the education system recognises and enables LGBT people to achieve their full potential, so they contribute fully to society and lead fulfilled lives, thus benefiting society as a whole.

You can find out more about LGBT History Month here.

Lambeth Libraries will be be organising book displays to celebrate LGBT History and a couple of branches will be running events.

LHCRS - StandardDuring LGBT History Month 2015 Mark Healey, Lambeth’s Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator, will be touring Lambeth Libraries with the Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting Stall.

LGBT History 2015 February Tour Dates

Mark will be handing out the Lambeth Hate Crime Reporting cards which promote ways to report hate crime in Lambeth, as well as the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog which has been set up to signpost advice and support services and keep the communities informed about what is being done to tackle hate crime.

We want to make “Lambeth no place for hate, a safe place for all” which is why we are encouraging members of the LGBT community who have experienced or witnessed hate crime to come forward and report it to us.

In the first instance we advise people to report directly to the police via 999 (or 101 if it is not an emergency). Lambeth Metropolitan Police Service now has a dedicated team of LGBT Police Liaison Officers to work with the LGBT community and liaise with LGBT venues.

If people don’t want to speak to the Police then we encourage them to contact Mark Healey at Lambeth Council either directly by phone or e-mail or using the Lambeth on-line reporting form on their website (

Alternatively if people prefer they can report through Galop, London’s leading LGBT anti-hate crime charity which provide confidential independent advice and support.

Useful links

Lambeth Hate Crime Blog (you are already here)

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Information about hate crime in Lambeth
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