Lambeth MPS recruits team of LGBT Liaison Officers


Blow the WhistleLambeth MPS have recently recruited a team of 12 Police LGBT Liaison Officers to help tackle biphobic, homophobic and transphobic hate crime in the borough.

Each of the officers has been assigned a LGBT venue to liaise with;

  • Andrew – Fire
  • Ashley – The Locker Room
  • David – Clapham Common and High Street area (includes Two Brewers, Kazbar and The Bridge)
  • Eren – Barcode
  • Hannah – Club 65
  • James – The Pleasure Dome, The Hoist
  • Jonathan – Paris Gym
  • Keval – Chariots SW16
  • Matthew – Chariots SE1
  • Samantha – The Eagle
  • Soren – The Royal Vauxhall Tavern
  • Zenobia – tbc

The Lambeth LGBT Liaision Officers report to Inspector Mark Mclellan at Brixton Police Station and will work in partnership with Lambeth Council’s Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator – Mark Healey.

Mark Healey said;

“This is great news for the LGBT community in Lambeth as we now have a much bigger team of LGBT Liaison Officers available to work with LGBT venues and liaise with the LGBT community.

I am in the process of meeting all the new officers to brief them about our hate crime prevention strategy and show them the information and resources that are now available on this Lambeth Hate Crime Blog which they in turn will share with others.

My aim is to ensure that every LGBT venue has a Police LGBT Liaison Officer assigned to liaise with them, with regular visits and two-way communication taking place each month.

Each venue is being asked to appoint a “Venue Hate Crime Champion” who will act as the main point of contact for the venue and who will be trained how to refer people to the hate crime advice and support that is available from Lambeth Police, Lambeth Council and the independent anti-hate crime organisations like Galop that we work with.

Our short term aim is to improve communication with each venue, to make sure that appropriate hate crime information (posters, leaflets, reporting cards) are available and on display, and that venue staff are trained so that they can refer people to the appropriate services for advice and support.

In the medium term we aim to increase the LGBT communities confidence to report hate crime to the Police, the Council and independent support services. To have clear reporting routes for people to use. To raise the level of hate crime reporting in the borough so that the majority of incidents are reported enabling us to get a better picture of what is going on and allocate resources appropriately to tackle and eliminate the problem.

The long term goal is to prevent and eliminate hate crime in Lambeth by establishing that there is no place for hate here, working with all communities in the borough to create a safe place for all. We aim to review every hate crime incident reported and carry out risk assessments to see whether it is possible to prevent incidents happening again, or at least greatly reduce the risks. We want to increase the Police’s Sanction Detection Rate to deter those who commit these crimes, so they think twice before coming to Lambeth.”

If you have experienced hate crime in Lambeth please report to the Police, if you don’t want to report to the police then contact Mark Healey at Lambeth Council, and if you don’t want to deal with the Council then Galop – London’s leading anti-hate crime charity provide an excellent independent and confidential advice and support service.

LGBT Hate Crime MPS Poster LGBT LO


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