Are you in the UK Illegally? Voluntary Departure Scheme

Immigration Poster - Are you in teh UK IllegallyThe Immigration Enforcement team have asked us to promote their “Voluntary Departure Scheme” which supports those who are currently in the UK illegally to return to their home countries.

Immigration Enforcement can help people to depart the UK with dignity. They can provide FREE advice and HELP with travel documents to enable people to return home with dignity, without fear of arrest or detention.

What is voluntary departure?

If you have applied for asylum, have bee refused permission to enter or stay in the UK or are living in the UK Illegally, you can ask for help to leave the UK Voluntarily.

If you have no right to be in the UK we do expect you to leave voluntarily. If you do not then you may face an enforced removal which may mean being detained in an immigration removal centre before you are escorted on your flight home.

The benefits of returning voluntarily are that;

  • You avoid being arrested and having to live in detention until a travel document can be obtained.
  • You travel and arrive independently as a typical passenger – without escorts.
  • You do not face an automatic 10 year ban from re-entering the UK.

Immigration Enforcement Officers can offer you pratical assistance, from helping to book flights to completing documentation.

To find out more call:  020 8196 3470

Immigration Leafelet - Are you in the UK Illegally


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