Racist graffiti in Brixton to be removed by GrimeBusters

Bus Stop UBus stop U opposite Lambeth Town Hall, Acre Lane where racist graffiti appeared this morning 11/11/2014 stating “Wishful thinking” on a NHS poster noting 1 in 4 black men will get prostate cancer and “Face of Evil” written on a National HIV Testing Week poster showing Rev Charles stating “I’m testing”.

Lambeth Council’s website states “Fly-posting is the illegal display of posters, stickers, boards and other advertisments on buildings and street furniture. Grafitti is any illegal markings to walls and other surfaces. Please report any fly posting and graffiti so that we can remove it.”

Mark Healey  Lambeth’s Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator noticed the graffiti on his way to work this morning and has reported it via the council’s on-line fly-posting and graffiti reporting form (reference 94382). The council have a contract with Grimebusters who should remove racist/offensive graffiti within an hour of it being reported.

“Whenever racist graffiti appears we need to make sure that is reported to the council straight away so that it can be removed as quickly as possible which is why I have reported this graffiti using the council’s on-line reporting service. At the same time racist graffiti is a hate crime so I have flagged this up to the local police to check if any other bus stops in the borough have been targeted and to see if the location is covered by cctv which may help us identify the perpetrator(s). There is no place for racist graffiti in Lambeth.”

Here is more information about the two campaign posters that were targeted. One produced by the NHS is about raising awareness within the Black community of the risks of prostate cancer whilst the other poster produced by the Terrence Higgin’s Trust is about raising awareness of National HIV Testing Week 22-30 November – which is a national campaign to encourage everyone to get tested for HIV and work together to stop the spread of the hiv virus.

prostate_cancer1You can find out more about the 1 in 4 black men will get prostate cancer campaign here.

Rev CharlesTerrence Higgins TrustNational HIV Testing Week 22-30 November – I’m Testing” poster which is featured as part of the “It Starts With Me” campaign.



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