Lambeth and Southwark Warm and Well Campaign

Warm and Well Picture

Lambeth and Southwark councils are working together to promote this year’s “Warm and Well Campaign”

Top Tips for keeping warm and well this winter;

  1. Stay warm in your home – by setting the heating to the right temperature (18-21c or 64-70f), you can keep your home warm and your bills as low as possible. Wear plenty of thin layers, rather than one thick one. Wear bed socks, thermal underwar and a nightcap or headscarf at night.
  2. Get Financial Support – There are grants, benefits and advice available to make your home more energy efficient, improve your heating and help you reduce your fuel bills. It’s worthwhile claiming all the beneifts your entitled to.
  3. Eat Well and drink regularly – food is a vital source of energy, which helps to keep your body warm so try to make sure that you have hot meals regularly throughout the day. Drinking hot drinks can help with staying warm and drinking water regularly will help your body stay healthy. Keep a flask of your favourite hot drink or soup near your bed to drink when you wake up.
  4. Get a flu jab – You can get a free flu jab from your Doctor (GP) and some pharmacists to protect against seasonal flu if you are aged 65 or have a long-term health condition. If you have a cold or flu it is better to stay in bed and rest. And remember to drink lots of fluids.
  5. Look aftr yourself and others – On cold days try to avoid going outside; however, if you do need to, remember to wrap up warm, put on a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and warm shoes or boots when you go outside. I fyou have an older neighbour or relative, look out for them during winter to make sure that they are safe and well.
  6. Have your heating and cooking appliances checked – have your heating and cooking applisnvrd check – carbon monoxide is a killer.

Age UK Lambeth run a range of services for people over 55. These include a handyperson service providing free equipment to help keep your housr earm, day services, a befriending service and welfare advice sessions across the borough.

Phone: 020 7346 6800

Or visit:

Download poster and leaflet here:


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