Save the date: 25 Sept Bi-Visibility Day

From Bi-Visibility to Bi-Inclusion: A Discussion

Southwark LGBT Network is marking Bi-Visibility Day with a panel discussion bringing together leading bi activists, writers, thinkers, and community members to discuss the inclusion of bisexual people in LGB&T organisations, and wider society, and how we can ensure fair and inclusive representations of bi-identity in the media.

The panel will be chaired by Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Dingle, Founder and Editor of Biscuit, the online magazine for bi-women. Panel speakers include;

Marcus Morgan – one of the UK’s leading bi-activists and chair of BiCon 2010 team. Marcus has been a bi activist for over 18 years.

Jacqueline Applebee – renowned writer and poet, who’s writing explores age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, and co-founder of Bi’s of Colour. 

Grant Denkinson – founder of Poly Day, Grant has delivered events for BiReCon on Bi Awareness Raising and has a keen research interest in gender, sexuality and relationships.

Helen Bowes-Catton – member of BiUK, the national organisation for bisexual research and activism. Helen has published in the Journal of Bisexuality and Lesbian and Gay Psychology, and who’s research interests includes bi-embodied experiences and productions of bi-identity in community spaces and everyday life.

Dr Caroline Walter – a research associate of BiUK, the national organisation for bisexual research and activism. Caroline is a Visiting Lecturer  in Media and Cultural Studies at Middlesex University. Her research interests include bisexuality, femininities, BDSM, fat studies and mental health. 

Denise McKenna – Co-Founder of Four in Ten LGBT user group, and mental health activist. Denise has a keen interest in mental health user involvement movement, and set up the Mental Health Resistance Network.

Gracey Morgan – NUS LGBT Black Officer (female place) and member of Southwark LGBT Network . Gracey set up the Facebook Group, ‘Promoting Inclusive Attitudes Towards Bisexuals’, and has an interest in the intersections of ethnicity, learning difficulties, mental health, refugee and asylum status and bi-identitiy.

This free event is organised by Southwark LGBT Network as part of our monthly events programme with funding from Southwark Council’s Community Council small grants scheme, and has been put together by Network member, Gracey Morgan.

The event takes place in the Ground Floor meeting rooms at Southwark Council, Tooley Street. Upon arrival, sign in at reception.

Free light refreshments will be available.



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