Man charged after homophobic ‘ammonia’ attack in Vauxhall

Jonathan William Lynn, 31 (27.10.82) of Dorking Close, Worcester Park, Kent, has been charged at Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court on June 13 with Section 18 wounding with intent, three counts of assailt occaisioning actual bodily harm (ABH) and possession of a weapon for discharge of a noxious liquid/gas.

He was remanded in custody to appear at the Inner London Crown Court on 27th June.

Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator Mark Healey commented:

“I’m sure that many people are relieved to hear that the main suspect in these horrific attacks has been arrested and charged. It is a good result for Lambeth Police who have acted swiftly following the attacks to investigate what happened, apprehend those responsible and reassure the local community.

The investigation will close and the case will move forward to the Crown Prosecution Service. Obviously many of us are outraged by the nature of these attacks and want to see an appropriate conviction and sentencing in due course. Justice must be prevail and be seen to prevail, not only to punish those responsible but to act as a clear deterrent to others.

As Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator I am pleased with the way that the Police, the Council and the local community have come and worked together on this. We all share the same goal of making Vauxhall, and Lambeth a  place where there is zero tolerance for any form of hate crime – no place for hate/safe place for all.

Now we will review what has happened – looking at what can be done to prevent further hate crime incidents from taking place? how we can encourage hate crime reporting and victim access to support services? how we can improve our operational response? and what additional activities can we do to enhance community cohesion? 

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Thank you. For further updates please follow @lambethhcc on twitter.




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One Response to Man charged after homophobic ‘ammonia’ attack in Vauxhall

  1. Reblogged this on pinkshieldbirmingham and commented:
    Great news on the arrest of this man.. PinkShieldBirmingham sends our support to the injured man and his friends. For the increase in confidence of all LGBT victims to report homophobic crimes, we hope this perpertrator is dealt with appropriatly by the justice system in London, and sends a strong message out to would be attackers against individuals or LGBT communities, that hate crimes are not tolerated in the UK.

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