Vauxhall Hate Crime ‘Ammonia’ attack – suspect arrested

Following an anxious few days Lambeth Police have confirmed that they have arrested the male suspect that they were looking for in relation to the homophobic ‘ammonia’ attacks that took place in Vauxhall last Sunday morning (8th June).

“31 year old male arrested last night, 11 June 2014, at 2250 in relation to the attacks in Vauxhall. Currently being held at a South London Police Station. “

The horrific set of attacks sent shock waves through the local community and left a young man aged 23 fearing that he could lose his eyesight. He is still receiving on-going medical treatment.

Thousands of people supported the police appeal by sharing the appeal for the male suspect on-line. It is a real result that within a matter of days two of the female suspects handed themselves in, and now the final suspect has been apprehended.

Mark Healey, Lambeth’s Hate Crime Coordinator said;

“I’m really pleased that this suspect appeal has been concluded so quickly and that the police now have the suspect in custody. I’m sure that everyone feels relieved as we head into next weekend. The police especially the investigating team at Brixton Police Station Community Safety Unit have done an excellent job so far. It is good to see how everyone has come together to make sure that a clear message is put out that we won’t tolerate homophobic attacks in Vauxhall.”

A co-produced media statement from partners who include Safer Lambeth Borough Crime Reduction Partnership, Independent LGBT Advisory Group, Galop, Vauxhall Gay Business Fourm, Vauxhall One, LGBT venue managers and others stated:

“Lambeth has many diverse and vibrant communities and is a popular and safe destination for thousands of visitors every day from across London and further afield. Communities working with the police do not tolerate violence, hate crime or discrimination towards anyone and when there is, sadly, an isolated incident such as that which took place last Sunday, it will be dealt with robustly by the Police in partnership with the wider community.  We would encourage anyone who has been a victim or is in fear of crime to contact the Police via 101 or to speak to Victim Support or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.  Lambeth is no place for hate and a safe place for all.”

Richard Wood, Lambeth Police Borough Commander said,

“Lambeth Police understand that although unusual the assaults in Vauxhall may leave some communities in particular the LGBT community anxious and concerned however we will continue to work together with our partners to protect and serve this community. The Metropolitan Police Service will take a robust approach to those who commit crimes motivated by any form of hate or discrimination”.

Whilst this concludes the suspect appeal the police are still appealing for any witnesses to come forward to help collaborate exactly what happened last Sunday.

Once the investigation is closed the case will then be submitted to the  Crown Prosecution Service who will decide how to proceed.

Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator Mark Healey added;

“I want everyone to know that in Lambeth we take disability, faith, gender identity (Transphobic), race and sexual orientation (Biphobic and Homophobic) hate crimes very seriously. A recent Stonewall survey found that only 1 in 6 people bother to report the hate crime incidents that they experience – we want to get to the point that every hate crime incident (however trivial that incident may seem) is reported so that we can ensure that appropriate resources are allocated to eliminate all forms of hate crime in Lambeth”

Click here to report hate crime via Lambeth Council’s online hate crime reporting form.

Lambeth Council, Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator, Vauxhall One and the local LGBT community will be working in partnership over the next few months to drive forward a hate crime reporting campaign to encourage everyone to come forward and report the incidents that they are experiencing.

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8 Responses to Vauxhall Hate Crime ‘Ammonia’ attack – suspect arrested

  1. David Reid says:

    Great News but the two women who came forward were widely reported as verbally homophobically abusing the man, yet no charges were brought. There has been no explanation why no charges were brought which leaves me and others feeling that that robust tackling of hate crime isn’t so robust after all. At the very least there should be an explanation.

    • lambethhcc says:

      Hi David – there is a very good reason, and for that reason alone we can’t comment on this point at the moment until the investigation has been concluded. I’m sure you’ll understand when you know why! Mark x

  2. Caz says:

    So glad them vile people have been caught. Lets hope they get a long sentence …

  3. kiri says:

    why he is not being named?

  4. Sam Dellaway says:

    I sincerely hope this man, if confirmed as guilty of these crimes, is punished to the FULL extent of the law, the attack was very clearly pre-meditated given the weapon used and in my opinion the 2 women involved should also be charged as they clearly are guilty of either aiding and abetting this man or corroborating in the crime. They deserve the same level of punishment.

    There can be no excuse not to charge the 2 females even if their only offence is using hate speech, they still should be prosecuted under the law.

    • lambethhcc says:

      Sam I think we all agree with you that those guilty should be punished to the full extent of the law – if only it was that simple. Can’t comment on the 2 women at this stage – don’t want to prejudice the case or the investigation but there are good reasons why they were not arrested when they turned themselves in earlier in the week – hopefully you’ll take my word on that now – and I think when more information can be released you’ll understand – I hope so anyway. We are still appealing for any ‘independent’ witnesses to come forward!

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