Man hunt for suspect in Vauxhall ‘Ammonia’ attack continues

Following two homophobic hate crime attacks in Vauxhall over the weekend (early hours Sunday 8th June) police are appealing for witnesses to come forward to help identify this man.

If you have any information please contact  Lambeth Community Safety Unit on 0208 649 2176 or 07909 906 168.

Please quote crime reference numbers 1217303/14 & 1217300/14.

Male suspect

Three suspects - the women have already handed themselves in.

Three suspects – the women have already handed themselves in.

Male suspect wearing blue jacket

Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator Mark Healey comment:

“So far the public response to this incident has been really good. News of what happened has gone viral across both social and the regular media – helping us get this witness appeal out to as many people as possible.

Obviously there is a lot of anger that this has happened and some frustration that it will take some time to bring those responsible to justice. But behind the scenes the investigation is taking shape and evidence is being gathered – we just need witnesses to come forward and help collaborate exactly what happened.

I’m liaising with the local police, with colleagues across the council and members of the LGBT community to ensure that everyone is informed and regularly updated about what is being done now to catch those responsible.

We all want to send out a clear message that homophobic behaviour is not and will not be tolerated in this area. There is no place for hate in Lambeth we want to make it a safe place for all.”

Vauxhall One are meeting this afternoon (10th June) to discuss how they can help develop a campaign to encourage people to be more proactive when it comes to reporting hate crime.

A recent Stonewall survey found that only 1 in 6 gay people bother to report incidents when they take place – we really need to change that statistic!

Hate Crime in Lambeth can be reported via Lambeth Council’s website via the on-line hate crime reporting form (click here).

Later this afternoon (10th June) a Gold Group Meeting will  take place where key stakeholders will be updated on how the investigation is taking shape and look at what further action needs to take place.

Further updates will follow as they become available.



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